Mobile app to help Kenya Power customers detect fraudsters

April 9, 2015


Last year on 6th October 2014 Juaforsurethe journey for justice against Daniel Moseti and Dennis Nyabira who fraudulently obtained Sh230,000 from Kenya power customers began. The two suspects were accused of falsely presenting themselves as Kenya Power workers to people requiring an electricity connection.

The two are accused of being part of a gang of tricksters who have been targeting electricity customers in Nyanza, North Rift and Western region. According to Kenya Power security reports, there has been an increasing amount of fraud incidences in rural areas.

To curb the rising Kenya Power has launched a mobile service dubbed #JuaForSure to empower customers verify bona fide Kenya Power employees.

To use the #JuaForSure service, via USSD, one needs to make sure that the person in front of them is the same person on the staff ID that they are holding. You should then SMS the staff ID number to 95551 e.g. if the staff number is KP1111 their ID would be the 1111.

When inquiring about an employee one should add “E” before the ID number, and when verifying a contractor one should add “C” before the ID number.

The service then supplies you with the confirmation of the staff number, their national identification number, their division and their station. Once empowered with this information the customer will be able to tell if they are dealing with legit individuals.

Moreover Kenya Power has ensured that once you find yourself confronted with a fraudster you can report them immediately on the Anti-Fraud hotline number, 0718-999-000.

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