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Map of Somalia locating Mogadishu


Somalia Expels Kenyan Envoy Over ‘Political Interference’

NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 30 – Somalia has recalled its Ambassador to Kenya Mahamed Ahmed Nuur Tarzan, and sent away Kenya’s envoy to Mogadishu Lucas Tumbo over claims of political interference of the country’s internal affairs.

Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move was in protest of “Kenya government’s attempt to infringe upon the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia”

“The government took this decision while preserving its national sovereignty after it appeared that Kenya was deliberately interfering in the affairs of Somalia, particularly Jubbaland,” the Somalia govt said in a statement.

It accused Kenya of placing intense political pressure on the regional President of Jubaland, in order to pursue its political and economic interests in Somalia.

“The Somali government expresses its regret in the government of Kenya’s overt and blatant interferences in the internal and political affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia which has the potential to be a hindrance to the stability, security and development of the entire region,” Somalia said in a statement, adding that “the Federal Government of Somalia believes that the Kenyan government actions are not in line with the internationally recognized diplomatic relations enjoyed by Sovereign States.”

Somalia is scheduled to hold elections next year.

Officials at Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said a formal response would be issued later.

Kenya is host to hundreds of thousands of Somalian refugees and has suffered horrific and tragic terrorist attacks emanating out of Somalia that have left many dead or injured.

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Kenya has also invested heavily in AMISOM to try to help secure Somalia.

The latest action by the Somalia government follows a recent visit by Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Ambassador Macharia Kamau to Mogadishu for bilateral talks.


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