4 Online dating mistakes to avoid!


by Debbie Harrower


Meeting a normal, high-quality person is not easy and it seems to be getting harder these days.

I know loads of single people who just can’t seem to meet someone who makes enough of an impression on them to actually pursue a relationship. They will go on one or two dates and then that’s it.

More and more people are turning to online dating 

I think that online dating is a fantastic way of increasing your chances of finding a partner. Especially if you’re not the type of person who likes to go out every single weekend.

Sure, people are going to tell you about all the weird, desperate people that are online. They will share their horror stories with you. And, it would be wise to pay attention. BUT, don’t let it put you off.

There are just as many faulty characters lurking around pubs and clubs. You have just as much chance of going on a horror date with someone you met at your local bar, as with the person you’ve been chatting to online.

In your search for ‘the one’, you’re going to have to deal with a few freaky frogs, no matter which route you choose.

My friend who had given up all hope of meeting someone, eventually met a great guy online and they have been married for nearly a year now.

So, let’s say you are considering giving online dating a bash – here are four mistakes you need to avoid making.

1. False advertising 

Always think of your online profile as an advertisement.

When it comes to the photos you choose to load and the information you share, the most important and obvious thing is to keep things real.

Do not be tempted to lie about your age, your qualifications or what you do for a living. You would not like it if a guy did that to you.

Post a recent and decent photo of yourself. NOT the one from 10 years ago when you were 10kgs lighter and a model posing in a bikini. It’s false advertising! You want people to be interested in you – the real you, the you of today!

There is no point in lying; people always find out.

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