4 Online dating mistakes to avoid!

3. Don’t play down your intentions

Protect yourself (and any potential partner) from major heartbreak and time wasting by being completely honest about your intentions.

If all you want is a few casual dates on the odd occasion – nothing serious, make it known.

If you’ve been divorced and never want to get married again, but are keen to have a serious relationship – make it known.

If you’re hoping to meet ‘the one’, get married and have children – make it known.

4. No money from the honey! 

Sadly, there are loads of scumbags on online dating sites. Some will only want your body, others want your money. Be VERY careful!

These sneaky snakes will say almost anything in the quest to steal money from you. And don’t be fooled into thinking that, because he has been chatting to you for months on end and maybe shared photos of himself with his children, his pets or his sick mother, he can be trusted.

These predators have patience. They will take all the time they need to lie to and manipulate you. The tricks that they have up their sleeves are endless.

You do not need a man who needs your money!

NEVER fall into a trap of handing money over. No matter how genuine or sad the story they are spinning sounds. Even if they send you documents (doctor or vet bills) as proof – DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Even if you have met him, like him and think he is a decent person – you do not give him money.