7 Products and tips that will inject moisture back into your skin this season

It’s currently ‘winter’ in Nairobi which means heaters are on, pots of tea are on the stove and warm cuddles with loved ones are on the rise. It also means that our skin might suffer through the harsh weather, leaving it dry and flaky. That’s assuming we neglect to do the following…

To combat this common problem, here are 7 beauty products and steps that are perfect for infusing moisture back into your skin!

Drink Up:Like my mother always says, your skin reflects your diet. So keep up the water-rich foods and drink plenty of water during this season. If you’d like, add a little lemon in your water to help detoxify your body and if the thought of a cold glass of water makes your teeth chatter, heat it up! Warm water and lemon should be how you start and end your day.

Deep Clean:Just because your skin is dry doesn’t mean you go easy on the cleansing. In fact, you need to be even more vigilant with your washes to make sure that all the dirt and grime is out. A gentle, oil-based cleanser and a good tool (e.g. the Clarisonic) would be a great buy at this point in time.

Exfoliate:You see that flaky skin sitting on your chin? Well it’s not going to disappear on its own. This is where a good scrub comes into play and you might want to consider looking for something with a hydrating element to it, e.g. a coconut oil infused, sesame seed scrub.

Hyaluronic Acid:I know anything with the word acidcan be terrifying but hear me out before you skip over this part! Hyaluronic acid isn’t something that will hurt, strip or bleach your skin. In fact, it does the exact opposite as it’s a moisture-attracting element that will keep your skin plump. Definitely worth investing in a hyaluronic acid serum during this season.

Swap Your Face Creams:You want a moisturizer that is rich for this season to keep your skin plush. But that doesn’t mean you always need a thick, heavy face cream. In fact, you might want to swap your regular moisturizer for something that is water-based. This is also a perfect solution for people with oily skin.

Don’t forget your eyes:I’m guilty of skipping past the eye cream but remember, every part of your body is hungry for moisture. In fact, given that your under-eyes happen to be the thinnest part of your skin, you want to pay even closer attention to them. Failure to do so could result in an abundance of fine lines. Make sure this step is a staple in your routine.

Mask It:Don’t forget to put on a moisturizing mask at least twice a week. This extra boost will help give your skin an extra glow.

The key is to infuse moisture through ever step of your skincare routine and your diet. And don’t forget your hands or the rest of your body for that matter. They need a lot of love too during this season so please keep your body lotions close for now.

Stay warm!

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