How playing sports is good for your body and your brain

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 23: Sasha Corbin of England in action during the International Netball Series between England and Australia at Wembley Arena on January 23, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

It has been known since time immemorial that exercise is good for our bodies and our minds. Exercising especially when we’re young has all sorts of health benefits like:

*Strengthening our bones

*Clearing out bad cholesterol from our arteries

*Decreasing the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes

*Helping our brains release a number of chemicals like Endorphins.

Natural hormones (like endorphins) released by the brain, control pain and pleasure responses in the central nervous system which often lead to feelings of euphoria.

Increases release of endorphins and consistent physical activity in general can sharpen your focus and improve your mood and memory.

As opposed to working out at the gym, playing a sport has added benefits:

*You gain psychological benefits for both short and long term which are linked with the communal experience of being on a team.

*You learn to trust and depend on others

*You learn to accept and to give help

*You work together with your team members towards a common goal

*You get to commit to a team and do something fun which in turn makes it easier for you to establish a regular exercise habit.

Science has proven that school sport participation can help with the following:

*Reduce the risk of suffering from depression for up to 4 years

*Your self esteem and your confidence get a big boost

This is because when you continually work at a skill, you are bound to enforce a growth mindset within yourself. A mindset is useful in all walks of life.

You also get to learn through failure which is one of the most transformative long-term benefits of playing sports. The experience of coming to terms to defeat can build the resilience and self-awareness necessary to manage academic, social and physical hurdles. And even if you lose, you will get the real benefit from the experience.

TIP: Spend some time to find the right sport that will fit your individual needs.

In a nutshell, the importance of finding the right sport for you:

*You will be a part of a supportive community

*You will build your confidence

*You will be exercise your body

*You will nurture your mind

*You will have fun

Go on! Identify a sport you like, join a team and enjoy the benefits!




SOURCE: Ted ED Lessons worth sharing
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