#BeautyBar: 6 Simple steps to better cuticles

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the more anxious, nervous or pensive I am, the more horrific the state of my cuticles. In fact, you’d think I’ve come from a raging war with a cuticle-tearing demon that left me bloodied and wounded in the ring given how bad it gets.

It’s shameful to admit but it’s a disgusting habit I’ve picked up – often subconsciously – but also one that I hope to leave behind me because whenever I get into these weird moods, it means my cuticles will unfortunately turn into these ugly-looking, swollen and bleeding victims.

In an effort to salvage my most recent battle with my cuticles, I scoured the internet to discover the best ways to heal your cuticles and leave them looking their best.

Tips to healthier cuticles

Here are 7 quick tips for anyone looking for well-groomed nails!

  • Moisturise. First step to making sure you resist the urge to pick at your cuticles? Keep them hydrated! There are many cuticle oils in the market but look for ones that boast of glycerin or shea butter as the skin on your cuticle is quite delicate.
  • Push back cuticles. Be weary of cutting your cuticles as it may lead to infections. Instead, gently push them back after soaking your hands in lukewarm water. This will also help ensure you don’t pick at your fingers. Trust me, I should know.
  • Keep your hand lotion close. In as much as a normal hand lotion may not do as much as a targeted treatment for your cuticles, keeping a hydrating balm close to you at all times will help with the healing process. Make sure to moisturize your hands each time you wash them to help with any dry or frayed skin around your cuticles.

  • Speak out. Know that super awkward feeling you may get when you’re sitting in your manicurists chair and you see her about to start trimming your cuticles? Ignore it and speak out! Let them know that you don’t want your cuticles cut but instead gently pushed back. It also helps you avoid getting any bacterial infection and will be better for your skin in the long run.
  • Avoid harsh, drying agents. Nail polish removers with acetone or harsh dish washing liquids and clothes detergents are most likely going to make your cuticles dry out which, if you’re like me, leads to picking and biting. Bad move, ladies and gents! Look for more forgiving products to help with your tasks or at the very least wear gloves when possible and your cuticles will thank you.
  • Keep your nails pretty. I don’t know about everyone else but whenever I’ve got beautifully filed nails with my favourite nail polish on, I’m less likely to destroy them. So take time out every week (or every other week) and treat yourself to an at-home, nail spa treatment and enjoy your beautiful hands and nails!
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