What a healthy lifestyle should include

By Shenrina Badri

Here are some of the most important areas that a healthy lifestyle should include …healthy lifestyle

Follow a healthy diet

Ensure that you are consuming a healthy diet on a daily basis. You should aim to consume a minimum of about five portions of fruit and vegetables daily, eat more fat from plant sources than animal sources (for example, using olive oil when cooking instead of butter) and opting for a low fat diet. Chat to a dietician for more information.


It is recommended that we drink about eight glasses of water daily.

Exercise is needed for a healthy lifestyle

Exercise can take on a variety of forms such as walking, dancing, engaging in a sport etc., so choose the one that you prefer and get moving! Exercise is great for keeping the weight down and also supports a healthy heart apart from other benefits.

Cut down on alcohol

Drink alcohol in moderation if you cannot cut it out completely.

Give up smoking

Quit smoking if you do smoke as it is not good for the health or your lungs. In addition, avoid possible exposure to second-hand smoke. Making this change can improve your lifestyle immensely.


Manage stress

Try to manage your stress levels effectively. This can be done by exercising, spending time with a close family member or friend and even getting involved in a hobby or activity that will help keep your mind off the stress. If you find that neither of the above is helping, chat to your doctor as he can refer you to someone who may be of assistance.

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