Tips for a balanced diet and weight-loss plan: NO second helpings

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‘Tips for a Balanced Diet and Weight-Loss Plan’ is a series that will teach you how to build a balanced nutritional lifestyle which leads to successful weight loss, and overall great health …

Please sir, can I have some more?

One of the great ways to lose weight without really changing anything in your diet is to adopt this little rule for yourself: you can eat anything you want at meal time, but only one reasonable portion.


This is a powerful rule as one of the places a lot of people get their extra calories from (the ones that become extra fat) is when they go back for round two at mealtimes.

You NEVER NEED two plates of food at mealtime.

There’s another benefit

You NEVER NEED two plates of food at meal time.

Leftovers means lunch for tomorrow. So now you have a (hopefully) healthy lunch instead of wasting the food at dinner time by eating it when you don’t need to.

I implement this rule all the time, but especially during the holiday season as it’s the time I find myself going back to grab a couple of extra mouthfuls of food unnecessarily.

Be more mindful of your food while you eat the first plate. Enjoy the tastes, colours and textures and you won’t feel like you need the experience again so soon.

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