Valentine’s Day too much of a cliché? Try something new

Valentines Day cliche

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day has become monotonous for many of us

In fact, new research by Durex has found that nearly half (49%) of the survey participants have never looked forward to Valentine’s Day, with 40% saying it’s too much of a cliché.

But what are we doing to break away from the boring routine?

Well, nothing, it seems. Despite a whopping 64% of us not looking forward to February 14 as it’s too commercial, a quarter of couples still plan to go out for a meal and a fifth will buy their partner flowers.

Whilst we may think we owe it to our other half to carry out these timeless yet tiresome traditions, 43% of couples say they want to cut the clichés and do something different.

43% of couples say they want to cut the clichés and do something different.

What people think of Valentine’s Day:

  • 28% say there’s too much pressure to do something special
  • 29% want to give unexpected gifts
  • 21% say they don’t want to receive a gift at all
  • 15% of couples are planning to try something special in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day
  • 49% will be trying new positions

“February 14 is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but sadly it can easily turn into 24 hours of predictable disappointment,” says Durex sex and relationship expert Alix Fox. “The research shows that a third of the people surveyed want some more spontaneity in their relationship, so why not ensure that this Valentine’s Day the clichés are binned?”

Try something new:

A third of us want to try something new with our partner this Valentine’s day, whilst spending some quality time together at home. Here are some ideas:

1. Tea bag messages:

For instance, why not ditch the Hallmark and the Milk Tray and use your imagination to create some naughty new traditions of your own! You could start by taking a box of 30 individually wrapped teabags, and write a tiny message on the tag of each one, so your bae can start their morning with a cup of tea and a bright note every day for the whole month.

2. XXX:

Or, instead of scribbling a few ‘xxx’ kisses at the bottom of a love note, use the symbol X to mark all the spots in your house that you want your partner to passionately kiss or make love to you, then get them to track each ‘X’ down as part of a naughty treasure hunt.

3. How about a new toy?

Nearly a third of us (28%) want more passion this Valentine’s Day, and a fifth (20%) would even like to receive underwear or a naughty toy from our other half to help reignite the romance.

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