#DidYouKnow: Today is National Parfait Day

dessert parfait

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A French word that literally means “perfect,” which was originally used to describe a kind of frozen dessert in 1894; parfait is a delicious and refreshing treat of layers of ice cream, yogurt, whipped cream, chocolate, fruits, liqueurs and nuts.

Served differently in every country, the frozen dessert celebrates National Parfait Day on 25th of November every year. Though the origins of the unofficial holiday are unknown, whip up your own sabayon for a Parisian take and layer yogurt with granola for more of an American touch!

What is Sabayon?

Sabayon is the French name for zabaglione, a light, mousse-like Italian dessert that’s made by whisking eggs, sugar and white wine over gently boiling water until the eggs thicken but do not scramble.

Sabayon can be made with dry white, sweet or fortified wines; it is also sometimes made with a digéstif like port or a mixture of wine and a liqueur.

Beaten egg whites can be added before serving to add an extra airiness to the sabayon and lemon juice can be added for depth of flavour, which is served while still warm, either alone or as a sweet sauce for fruit, pastry or cake.



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