Our2Cents Ep. 53: Stuff your mouth challenge!


Our2Cents Ep53

We realise how incredibly rude it is to talk with your mouth full but when it comes to challenges, an exception or two can be made.

In this hilarious episode Susan Wong and Sharon Mundia try out their very first challenge: stuff your mouth!

With the help of Tatiana Karanja and Jeff Mundia, the girls have to do their best to describe a celebrity but with a fun twist in play.

Watch to see who stuffs their mouths with the most cookies and still manages to get the description right in less than 30 seconds!


  • Soketmbili

    See the confusion that follows when a court issues an advisory opinion instead of a firm ruling. Kilonzo, like Mwau, has an interesting reading of the Constitution.

  • Mutula has to pay money he stole from KRA.So his prayers is parliament to be prolonged.That why he is so confused.

  • legacy99

    mutula pay taxes

    • Pratt

      He doesnt! Thats why KRA has been pursuing him. May be he cons taxes since there is no way KRA would go after a good tax payer!

  • Sk

    Ruto and Uhuru, where are the prayers today, can Ruto, Kalonzo and Uhuru come for prayers at my home. I will mobilize 10,000 kenyans to cheer you

  • Eurp

    Shame on this Mutula. May you ROT IN HELL!!

  • Maina JR

    Well said Senior Counsel Mutula. The method has to be clear. Make sure you dissolve the government and it dissolves parliament too.
    On the issue of Mutula’s tax, when did the press know about it? Why is it coming out now? Could it be that it’s coming out now because Mutula has differed with the powers that be on ICC issues? Could this be away of bulling him to toe the line? If Mutula had made arrangement with KRA in 2002 that allows him to clear his tax arrears why is it coming out now?
    Could UK using his knowledge from finance ministry to intimidate his opponents? 

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