Hellofood launches campaign for World Food Day 2015

 hellofood world food day

Today, 16th of October, marks World Food Day – an annual day of action against hunger. hellofood, an online food delivery marketplace has launched a new campaign “You Say. We Give” to fight hunger.

Based on FAO’s research, 805 million people, one in nine worldwide, live with chronic hunger. 60% of these are women, while almost 5 million children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition-related causes every year.

The week-long campaign, which will run from the 16th to the 22ndof October, urges people to help fight hunger through making a tangible difference with hellofood. hellofood will be spearheading a food drive by collecting its customers’ wishes.

hellofood customers will be able to choose between 5 stock food items (powdered milk, rice, flour, cooking oil and green grams) in their app. hellofood will then donate 1kg of the chosen donation on his/her behalf to the St. Thomas Barnardo Children’s Home. If the post is shared on social media platform Facebook, hellofood will double the donation!

Giving has never been so easy! Join the global movement to end one of the most persistent universal challenges by being part of the solution with hellofood.

You can download hellofood’s app at the Apple Store, Google, and Microsoft Store. For more information on how you can order food on the go, check out  www.hellofood.co.ke

Here are the 5 stock items you can choose to donate:

Formula: Formula has the same nutritional properties as its liquid equivalent, milk. Furthermore, it can be stored much longer, which is, in Africa, a substantial advantage.

Green Grams: Beans are dried edible seeds obtained from plants.
They provide the same amount of calories as cereals, which are staple food all over the world. If you take 100 g of dry beans, it would contain about 350 Kcal of energy.

Flour: Whether white or wholemeal, flour supplies a large portion of the nutrients required by our bodies to ensure growth and health.
Flour is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, fibre and complex carbohydrates.

Oil: Also known as cooking oil, it is plant, animal, or synthetic fat used in frying, baking, and other types of cooking. It is also used in food preparation and flavouring not involving heat.

Rice: 1 kg of rice can feed 12 people. The Chinese word for ‘rice’ is the same as the word for ‘food’. In many countries is common to throw rice to the just married couple after they come out from the temple. This oriental tradition is symbol of the fertility, abundance and prosperity.

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