Eat before a night out

night out

(By Shenrina Badri) Do you enjoy what you eat and also want to prevent gaining weight unnecessarily? Here is a simple way to do this.

Try having a meal at home before leaving for a night out on the town. In this way, you will be able to prepare a balanced and nutritious meal that won’t affect your waistline more than it should. In addition, you will be in control of adding the freshest ingredients and using cooking methods that help you to reach your weight loss goals sooner.

If meals are unplanned, you may find that you will tend to eat out more often than you intend to. Meals and takeaways are almost always loaded with a high amount of fat and therefore many calories, depending on what you choose to buy or consume. In addition, they may contain preservatives, flavour enhancers and other additives that may not be healthy for your body, so rather opt to prepare your own meals instead of eating out.

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  1. Avatar Janhansun December 31st, 2011 at 3:04 am

    The government of Maldives is so hypocritical that it is
    doing something else other than obliging the simple demands of the huge protest
    by the Maldivians. The protest demands were very clear. They are:

    1. To remove all idolatrous monuments in Addu City;

    2. To condemn the speech of Pillay and make public apology;

    3. To cancel all flights of the Israeli National Carrier;

    4. Don’t declare parts of inhabited islands into uninhabited
    islands in order to sell liquour; and

    5. Close down the massage parlours used as brothels in the
    capital Male’.


    These were the five demands of the protest. It is important
    to note that it wasn’t a protest of extremists as the government label, but it
    was a protest of more than 100,000 Maldivians (a third of the total population)
    across the country including 10,000 in one rally in the capital, dissatisfied
    and fed-up with the government’s policies including anti-Islamic policies. The also
    include dissatisfaction of the economic policies of the government, which is
    hurting the ordinary people. The proof is the recent resignation of the Finance
    Minister and State Miniter of Finance.


    It is important to note that protest demand does
    not include closing spas of luxury resorts nor closing massage parlours in
    general. Also, there was no such demand to stop the sale of alcohol in the
    islands. The demand as you can see above was, Don’t declare parts of inhabited
    islands into uninhabited islands in order to sell liquour; this is about
    inhabited islands not uninhabited islands like tourist resorts. So, it is
    important for the outside world to know, what the government of Maldives is
    doing their own agenda and not the protest demands.


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