3 Very simple ways to save money in your beauty routine

save money

(By Chantelle Bester) So, you’re having a tight month and you need to cut down – here are three easy ways to save a lot of cash.

  1. Skip your hair salon visit. If you’re highlighted very blonde, just let it be for a month, and if you have coloured hair that’s showing regrowth, opt for a semi-permanent box dye that will wash out gradually over a period of four to six weeks.
  2. Most cosmetics have other surprising functions – shampoo can be used as body wash and foam bath, lip balm can go on your cuticles, etc. Find creative ways to use up unwanted products before you head to the shops for more.
  3. When you have the urge to go make-up shopping, rummage around in your drawers and find old products you haven’t used recently. Force yourself to give them a chance – it will feel like using a brand new product!
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