6 Quick tips to whip your tummy into shape

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Trying to slim down and shape up your tummy? Give these three quick tips and fat-blasting foods a try…

If you’re trying to slim down and shape up your tummy, a little daily cardio and plenty of healthy eating is the way to go.

For an added belly fat attack, follow these quick tips and add these three foods to your diet:

Foods that help to blast belly fat

  • Yoghurt. Not only does it boost calcium, but a study has linked eating yoghurt to lower belly fat. Eat half a cup of low-fat yoghurt with whole grains, fruits, or nuts to get your health and belly-blasting fix for the day.
  • Blueberries. These sweet berries are rich in nutrients and vitamins, including iron and magnesium. They also contain catechins, which activate fat-burning genes in abdominal fat cells.
  • Fibre. According to one study, people who ate more soluble fibre gained less belly fat over five years. All you need is 10 grams a day (two small apples, a cup of green peas, or a ½ cup of pinto beans).

Quick tips to prevent bloating

  1. Chew your food properly. According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet, chewing your food well is the number one tip to preventing bloating.
  2. Ditch the table salt. Susan Irby, author of The Bikini Chef, says salt could be a big culprit in making your tummy bloat. Use none at all, or choose kosher or natural sea salt, as they are lower in sodium than traditional table salts.
  3. Eat whole-grain foods. Keri Glassman, RD, author of The O2 Diet and The Snack Factor Diet, says, “€œPeople who eat whole-grains lose more abdominal fat.” Don’t forget to portion control your meals which include whole-grain foods.
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