Hot Trend Alert: The double-slit!

It’s out with the single-slit and in with the double -slit! They say two heads are better than one and I ask are two slits sexier than one? Well, for a while now the double-slits have been the business as has been evident… from  Kendall Jenner’s PG35 gown at the MuchMusic Video Awards,  to the PG20 garments that appear on some top fashion designers runways.

One slit is admittedly sexy enough but add another slit and you are va-va voom itself!


The double-slit is classy yes but only when worn the right way (not like Kendall Jenner). Don’t show the world everything your mama gave you. Also, working this  rad number does require you to bring out the daredevil in you. The right double-slit piece will allow you to show off those curves that you are proud of while being careful not to cross to the trashy side. With the double-slit there is a thin line between trashy and chic.

 How to wear the double-slit!

1. Let the slits not be too high up such that your audience look away in disgust instead of feasting on your fashionable tastes with their eyes.

2.Decide where you want the slits, either on the sides or at the front…whichever side you are more comfortable with  that  will make you  feel uber sexy.

3. The occasion also matters, are you going out to the club to party with the girls, is it a date with your man, is it a cocktail party,are you at the beach , are you having a polite brunch with your people? The occasion should determine the length of the slits as well.

4. Make sure your double-slit piece has an inner lining or if not do wear proper undergarments…This is because sometimes the wind is just not your friend.

5. Confidence really does matter. You need to be able to shrug off he wind and carry on with your swag giving your audience the right kind of show.











PS: You may want to put on tights or leggings if you must wear the super high slits

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