New Music Alert: Amani releases new single featuring Juliani

amani juliani unanitosha

Kenyan pop songstress Amani released her latest single on Sunday. Featuring Kenyan gospel superstar Juliani, both musicians sing and rap about their praises for God.

“My new single is actually really simple. I’m just giving thanks. God is more than enough for me and who I am today is because of Him,” the petite beauty explained to Capital Lifestyle Magazine in an exclusive interview.

Amani, whose mother is a pastor and father is an elder at their church, was brought up to be proud of her Christian faith.

“It’s actually a tradition: I always include one gospel song in all my albums,” Amani added.

When asked about when her unnamed album will be released, the singer replied coyly, “Soon!”

Check out Amani’s latest single “Unanitosha” featuring Juliani below:

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