Oriflame unveils wrinkle reduction technology


Global Cosmetics leader, Oriflame, has unveiled clinically proven wrinkle reduction technology with plant stem cell extract. The product is ideal for all skin types, especially for skin prone to dryness.

Speaking in Nairobi at an event to launch a new product catalogue and recognise the company’s outstanding Sales Consultants, Oriflame East Africa Managing Director, Mr. Klas Kronaas, said the newly produced Ecollagen helps re-plump wrinkles from within and prevent their further formation. It can reduce wrinkles by up to one third in only 12 weeks. The product boosts collagen production by over 200 per cent.

“Our team of skin scientists searched through countless anti-wrinkle actives over 5 years finally identifying a unique Plant Stem Cell extract – the only one capable to boost collagen by than 200 per cent,” said Kronaas. “This is another breakthrough product by Oriflame,” added Kronaas.

Plant Stem Cells are the most precious cells of plant and give life to all other plant cells. Endlessly renewable, they have now been proven to stimulate and protect skin collagen.

Oriflame East Africa Marketing Director, Mr. Harry Njagi, noted that Ecollagen was Oriflame’s latest innovative skin care programme, which offers women, particularly those in their late 30s and above, a natural and revolutionary way to fight wrinkles.

“Ecollagen has unique formula, clinically proven to leave skin smoother, firmer and rejuvenated,” said Mr. Njagi.

The product targets women from early or mid-30s and older, many of who are busy professionals raising families and sometimes leading moderately stressful lives. These women need to protect their skins from signs of early aging while also managing sagging skin. Ecollagen contains sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

“The modern professional woman is exposed to social and work-related stress. There is also the effect of harmful environmental elements. All these cause women to begin showing signs of aging earlier than normal,” said Kronaas.

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