8 Fresh tips: Do you stink, does your colleague?


4. Wear clean undergarments.  Ladies, constantly disinfect and soak your tiny whities and then rinse them thoroughly.  A woman’s pH level down there is pretty sensitive, so try and not use too much softener or perfumed stuff.  It can total upset things down there. Also try and use Cotton especially during menses and constantly change!! Polyester blended underwear restrict the breathability.  And when it gets moist down there, it will STINK!

5. I know this is weird but it helps. You can smell yourself to see of you are emitting any bad odor.  It’s better to catch it yourself before you’re TOLD by someone else.  Then take necessary measures…

6. Please if you know you have smelly feet, do the usual; dry properly, put powder, remove hidden dirt under the nails, constantly do pedicures, and clean and air your shoes!!  Come on…you don’t expect to wear your shoes all the time and not smell if you don’t give them a break. Clean them and let them air-out once in a while.  Please be considerate of your colleagues or schoolmates who sit close to you.

7. Please be conscious of your surroundings. It’s not fair to other people around you if you smell – FOUL. It’s not an easy subject to bring up so as much as they are sensitive to your feelings, be sensitive to their noses.

8. If you reek and don’t know why please go see a doctor. They will tell you why.. I promise you..



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