8 Fresh tips: Do you stink, does your colleague?


Looking back to 2012, I’ve traveled to different places, met and enjoyed the company of different people, and have experienced different things.  It was a great year indeed, but one thing has remained as a constant issue, regrettably so, and that is why I am writing this plea to all of the women out there.  Simply put, why don’t some women don’t care about what whiff they put out. This is pretty sad, for the people that have to sit in close quarters with you and it’s more pathetic that these women that I’m speaking of can afford to smell good, but just don’t care.

People need to realize that you may look like a million bucks but if you don’t smell right, it doesn’t matter.  Reeking is totally unacceptable especially for those who can afford to. Do not reek!

So, here are some basic dos and don’ts that we all (especially to office women that pour perfume on themselves to mask what their real smell is like) should remember for the year 2013!  Here’s to a smell-tastic year!

8 ways to have an acceptable, if not pleasant scent throughout the day (and NO, it’s not an expensive perfume):

1. Please constantly take a bath/shower!! It doesn’t take that long.. it is actually therapeutic and fun!! And it’s normal! So just do it, for the sake of others and yourself.  You don’t want some creepy crawlers calling your skin as home.  If you are one to sweat a lot like me, try doing it twice a day when you wake up and when you get home in the evening. Please brush your teeth while you’re at it!!

2. If you have hair anywhere, this means there will be a lot of clogged sweat and germs.  Take extra care and take time to wash it!!  If you can take time and go to the salon at least once a week – this is mostly for dreads and Mbalas (weaves) – YOU CAN KEEP YOURSELF FRESH.  It gets hot, oily and dirty up there, so please just take time and wash and also dry it thoroughly so it’s not damp. Dampness will encourage bad odour.

3. Say it with me: “DEODORANT!!!” Please people, there is one as cheap as Sh 86.00 that works OK.  Please make a point to make sure your clean hard work is guaranteed with some anti-perspirant or deodorant.  Body splashes and perfumes also help. Don’t swim in it though, that’s also not a pleasant odour.  Please take a shower first before applying!!

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