Mombasa ‘Live’ tour plugged over insecurity

Safaricom has pulled out of an anticipated performance in Mombasa next month for its “Live” tour due to ‘security concerns’.

In a statement, about two weeks ahead of a concert at the coastal town, Safaricom said it is holding all road shows, campus storms and concerts there until calm is restored.

“This was a tough decision because we were looking forward to having a wonderful engagement with our customers in Mombasa,” said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

“The cancellation is a precautionary approach to the security situation in Mombasa and not a response to any specific threat. We recognise the hard work that is being done to improve security at the coast yet at the same time we must put the safety of our customers, staff and operations the centre of all we do,” he said.

As a result Camp Mulla, Jaguar, Jimmi Gait, Sauti Sol, Size 8 and comedian Jalango will be waiting to see if they will indeed get to charm the coastal residents, or if they will just wait for the tour’s Grand Finale in Nairobi.

For the past few months, the artistes have been traversing the country as part of the

“Nikona Safaricom Live” tour, which has so far covered Meru, Kisumu, and Eldoret and is scheduled to make landfall in Nairobi on December 15.

Apart from giving fans access to their favourite musicians, the live tour also helps improve the on-stage performances of the artistes involved.

Tensions at the coast, including raids on suspected terrorists, have created a shaky environment at the tourist destination with police working round the clock to stave off threats and restore calm.

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