Gift ideas: 3 cool gadgets that will impress

Colocolo Tablet Cleaner

Colocolo Tablet Cleaner At first glance, it looks like a typical lint roller, but the Colocolo is designed instead to keep your touch panel clean and new. The 3 color options also ensure that there’s one to fit almost anyone’s style. Available in white, black or pink – there’s one for everyone.

Retail US $29.99

The BANG! Lamp

The BANG! lamp is a whimsical and interactive object d’art. With elegant design and high-quality construction, it just looks great. And then the fun comes. Turn it off with the included gun, and it “plays dead”. Then bring it back to life with another shot.

Yes, practice your aim and shoot not to kill but to turn on or off a lamp.

Retail US $299.99

Idea Dancing Animal Speakers

These adorable animals look like any typical stuffed toy when sitting on your shelf… but just plug in your iPod or any other music player and watch them come to life! They dance and move their mouths to the music as the high quality internal speaker broadcasts the sound throughout the room. Change modes and they will respond to external noises, mimicking you as you talk or sing! Makes for great cheap party entertainment or just a fun and unique way to enjoy some tunes.

Retail $69.99


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