This week inside Tunu’s closet…(4)

Tunu is a Kenyan fashionista extraordinaire. She knows a thing or all about the fashion world. She is so passionate about fashion such that she makes sure she stocks up her SHOP with the latest worldwide chic trends. She knows what’s IN when it’s still too hot and flying off the stores shelves and is never afraid to share. All this is evident from her closet which will  be featured on Capital Lifestyle every week as she gives you tips on how to rock some of these fashionable on trend pieces!

This week we  focus on how she dresses for the cold weather!


Whether you call it brown or burnt orange…they fall in the same family and Tunu rocks the color!

Tunu says: Brown is a natural, down-to-earth color that’s found on earth,wood and stone.

Its a warm color that can stimulate your appetite. It represents wholesomeness,steadfastness,simplicity, friendliness,dependability and health. wharrrrr….. that’s Wholesomeness right there. BooM!

While some people might consider brown a little on the dull side, its lighter cousins in Tan,taupe,beige, or cream gives an excellent look during fall and winter.


The cold has a habit of putting a damper on peoples moods, so brightening up will not only cheer you up, but also people who will see you looking all bright and bubbly.

RED is the color of Energy,Love, and Passion.

Tunu pairs her bright red skirt and booties with a white blazer which blends so well with the black on her.

Note: The super cute scarf!


Black and white outfit

The boots keep you absolutely warm.

Tunu’s tip: “You better be careful how you dress thigh high boots otherwise you might end up looking indecent! Whenever I  wear high boots with something short, I have to wear with a shirt so as to give it a descent look!

The belt,  gives her waist a flattering curve.

Purple, Pink and Blue outfit

Colorful, this outfit is!!

Tunu says: Try mixing atleast three different colors that are a contrast and watch how you glow!! They dont have to match…


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Images are from Tunu’s blog. Check it out HERE



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