My husband is in love with another!

My best friend *Nina and I have been best friends for a very long time. We are so much alike we are almost like sisters. We are both married. Myself for 10 years now, and *Nina for 7 years.
Our tastes are so similar even when it comes to men. The only difference is that I am louder and bubblier and she is the calm, reserved one. We shared the same hostel in campus and at 25 after starting our first jobs we moved in together. Life was good and we were both single so we were each others everything and did everything together. We were as thick as thieves and it was so much fun being in each others’ life.

One day this very hot guy moved into our building and since I saw him first and looooved what I saw, I called dibs on him. At 25 you are excited that life is just beginning for you. You have your job, you are ok with your first “little” pay and as a young woman you are even ready to meet the right guy and settle down with him as soon as possible when your stars are still shining so bright.

…Back to the new hot guy on the block… When *Nina came home that evening the hot new guy had moved in, we set camp by the window so that she could see what I had seen earlier and when she did she was thoroughly impressed! But since I had called dibs on ‘His Hotness the neighbor’, she had to respect that.
When I heard he was single, there’s nothing I didn’t do to get his attention! From dressing up just to drop off a plate of something I had spent forever trying to make to perfection, to inviting him over for dinner at the house, to inviting him to watch movies with us, to taking bottles and cans for him to open because I was “unable” to do so myself…. Any excuse to see him and get close to him was utilized to the fullest.

Mr. Hot neighbor took his time before he made any moves on me and the weird part is that when we met up -and that is after me insisting on it- he kept asking questions about *Nina my roomie. That didn’t go very well with me. After all that I had done, he was showing interest in somebody else? I had to take the bull by the horns…so I lied and mentioned in “passing” one time that *Nina was in a very serious relationship with somebody else. After that things became a little relaxed and his interest in me became intense 🙂 . He would ask about *Nina to find out how she was doing every once in a while because she is my roomie but nothing deep to show he was still  interested in her.

Two years later, hot neighbor and I tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony with *Nina as my maid of honor and  that day she made friends with one of the groomsmen which later turned into something serious and fast forward…they are married now. Of course when *Nina hooked up with the groomsman I had to come clean to my new hubby about her being single ever since and he was not amused at all!
PS: I have never told *Nina that my hubby had ever shown interest in her.

Now time has passed and we have grown and become mums and dads but the sinister thing is that my hubby’s love for *Nina has also grown. He is always asking to invite her everywhere and include her in everything we do… I bet so that he can see her. When she visits I can see the way he looks at her and listens to her very keenly like he’s wishing things were different. I have even heard him tell his friend that he’s a lucky man to have *Nina as his wife and how he’s a little jealous.

This got me thinking, sometimes the heart wants what it wants and it won’t settle until it gets what it wants! I know I did wrong to lie to my hubby all those years ago plus calling dibs on a man who was in love with another…but my heart wanted what it wanted and I was just looking out for myself. I know if anything ever happened to me and Nina’s husband the two of them (my hubby and Nina) would totally get together! Does it seem right to be in a marriage with somebody who clearly loves another? I want to assume that they don’t get together behind our backs…What should I do?

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