Shocking video: Before and after makeup

Chinese concubines use to bathe in milk to improve the softness of their skin and medieval nobelwomen dabbed-on bats’ blood to improve their complexions.  The desire to be beautiful and look flawless is as old as civilization, and even featured in fairy tales such as Snow White where the vain Queen asks, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?”

The global beauty industry is worth an estimated $160 billion a year, encompassing all things appearance-obsessed.  Such spending is not mere vanity.  Being attractive gives you a better chance at getting an interview for a job, statistically will earn more, and are more likely to marry.  No wonder both men and women spend so much on their appearances.

The beauty industry feasts on the fear of looking ugly.

Take for instance acne.  Rewind back to your awkward pubescent years, yes, that time when you’d wake up looking in the mirror in horror to find a puss-filled pimple.  Surely, someone was going to notice, and most likely that boy you liked would call you “zit face.”  The horror.

Acne and in general, perception of beauty, go beyond being only skin deep.  Peer acceptance is very important to all of us.  If we’re not accepted, as shown in recent studies, will have a negative impact on one’s psyche.  Those with acne may face low self esteem, social withdrawal and perhaps even depression.


Enter: Happiness in jars

The beauty industry has come up with every remedy you could think of to make one’s skin look flawless.  Products like primers fill in pores and evens out bumps for a flawless canvas to apply makeup on, anti-shine products soak up excess oil, foundations are literally like paint, concealer hides imperfections, contouring powders play with light and gives the illusion of a sculpted face, and finishing powder ensures everything is set in place –  and that’s only one’s foundation regime.  What about blush and the various different products for eye makeup?  Seriously, there’s just too many to go through.

The point is, the beauty industry has brainwashed consumers to believe that if you’re not happy with yourself, don’t worry, because we can make you happy from our jars of products.  All you have to do is pay.


What happened to natural beauty?  Meet Cassandra Bankson

When Capital Lifestyle Magazine discovered Cassandra Bankson’s acne makeup tutorial, we were blown away.  A fresh-faced honey-brunette with striking ocean-blue eyes, perfect smile and flowing curls – a beauty to behold.  But, what really impressed us was the fact that in the Youtube video, now watched by nearly 6.5 million people, Bankson removed all the layers of her makeup, revealing a blotchy face with a very bad case of acne-covered skin, it was even on her neck.   Completely naked of her makeup – unimaginable to even naturally flawless celebrities.

Bankson’s video is truly inspiring to both men and women who are suffering from skin problems.  Though in her makeup tutorial video, she demonstrates how to conceal her imperfections, Bankson also reveals that makeup is simply skin deep – what really matters is to be able to let go and embrace the skin that you’ve been born with.

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