Oreo’s provocative bare-breasted campaign


As reported a few weeks ago, the famous Oreo cookie has turned 100 years old, and in celebration of the century milestone, Kraft has launched a limited-edition Birthday Cake Oreo flavour and a bunch of new advertising campaigns.

The “twist, lick and dunk” ritual has definitely been part of many nostalgic childhood memories. From snacking on the cookie for a daily chocolate fix, to licking the white filling, to dunking the cookie in milk as a midnight snack – eating the famous cookie has become an art form and a symbol of the spirit of childhood.

But inSouth Korea, the typically kid-friendly cookie has launched a provocative and not-so PG13 ad campaign showing a baby sucking on a naked breast, partial nipple exposed and breastfeeding with  Oreo’s slogan: “Milk’s favourite cookie.”


Kudos to Oreo for an interesting campaign, and really pushing the limits.  One just has to laugh at the fact that they used something else than store-bought milk, but really?

In theory, this campaign may be targeting mothers; but in reality, the only people stopping in their tracks to take in the ad will be men.  One thing is sure, Oreo isn’t bothered with the millions of lactose-intolerant consumers.


Tell us what you think: Has Oreo gone too far?


Photo Credit: Cheil Worldwide



  • I just don’t understand what is “provocative” about it. These guys pretend to be enlightened but they are actually stupid enough to stare at a picture of a child suckling? Is that not a natural thing, a baby feeding? No wonder infections, sickness, diseases and all manner of infirmities are plaguing the world today as we adopt the “civilized” lifestyles of the west and the east. Populations that have no immunity even over simple allergic infections that were never known to be needing medical treatment let alone life threatening. And we think we become smarter? God forbid!

  • Kortney Dunkle

    Pushing the edge…”edgy” marketing…wasn’t really necessary.

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