Oreo’s provocative bare-breasted campaign

As reported a few weeks ago, the famous Oreo cookie has turned 100 years old, and in celebration of the century milestone, Kraft has launched a limited-edition Birthday Cake Oreo flavour and a bunch of new advertising campaigns.

The “twist, lick and dunk” ritual has definitely been part of many nostalgic childhood memories. From snacking on the cookie for a daily chocolate fix, to licking the white filling, to dunking the cookie in milk as a midnight snack – eating the famous cookie has become an art form and a symbol of the spirit of childhood.

But inSouth Korea, the typically kid-friendly cookie has launched a provocative and not-so PG13 ad campaign showing a baby sucking on a naked breast, partial nipple exposed and breastfeeding with  Oreo’s slogan: “Milk’s favourite cookie.”


Kudos to Oreo for an interesting campaign, and really pushing the limits.  One just has to laugh at the fact that they used something else than store-bought milk, but really?

In theory, this campaign may be targeting mothers; but in reality, the only people stopping in their tracks to take in the ad will be men.  One thing is sure, Oreo isn’t bothered with the millions of lactose-intolerant consumers.


Tell us what you think: Has Oreo gone too far?


Photo Credit: Cheil Worldwide


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