Vivian Green to perform at Capital’s Lounge Unplugged


August 23, 2011 – Yes, you may have heard it through the grapevine from unreliable sources already that Vivian Green is set to perform in Nairobi.  Well, it’s true (yay!), but unfortunately most of those sources have  the details wrong!

Vivian Green will perform in Nairobi on October 15th 2011 for Capital FM’s Lounge Unplugged Series sponsored by Baileys.

Capital FM’s previous Lounge Unplugged Series have seen the likes of Hil st Soul and Anthony David grace the stage in Nairobi.

R&B singer Vivian Green, a multiple Soul Train Awards nominee, will be making her Nairobi debut just in a few short weeks.  You can be sure that Green’s hits such as “Emotional Rollercoaster” and “Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)” will be part of the much anticipated show!


More details to follow…




  • steve

    cant wait for the show

  • Paul

    I stand with you Sir. As much as the Jubilee govt. is pulling a populist card in this, the bottom line is that the delivery of education to the students is adversely affected by these defaulters. If the govt. is footing the waiver on the fees then its ok otherwise parents have to be responsible and the only way to uphold this unfortunately is to hold on the certificate which has adverse effects on the student. Its the cost of responsibility.

  • james

    For the rich there is no problem with the directive, but, the poor and those whose cert have been withhheld are celebrating.

  • Ogaloketch

    You are to the point Capt (Rtd) Wanderi. Some directive are easier say proclaimed than implemented. It is politically correct for our leaders to ask the schools to release the certificates. It is however another issue to pay suppliers, account for the arrears and to ensure fee payment by continuing students. To counter this, the schools will be forced to adopt alternative ways to deal with this sure quagmire.

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