Recipe of the Day: Green Juice

August 3, 2011 – Here at Capital Lifestyle, we absolutely love drinking healthy juices to ensure that we’re living ‘The Good Life’.

We’ve featured recipes for juices made out of super fruits and vegetables, and today, our friend from Anchor Farms is sharing a recipe for their Green Juice – a cocktail of celery, spinach, cucumber and ginger.

The Green Juice is not exactly the preference of many, particularly because of it’s leafy colour.  I’d highly suggest giving the juice at least a second try before completely writing it off.  The health and nutritional value clearly outweigh any need for addictive sugary flavours here.

Another incentive? Drink more of this Green Juice and you might just see yourself shedding some weight.  Remember, celery is great for maintaining your body’s water weight.  Need I say more?









1. Clean all the vegetables under running water

2. Chop celery, spinach and cucumber into chunks

3. Peel skin off ginger

4. Put all the ingredients into a food processor

5. Serve



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