Juliani takes his pulpit to the streets

August 3, 2011 – Musician Juliani’s pulpit is about to hit the streets after a long wait, months after the hit song ‘Bahasha ya Ocampo’ told of its coming.

To celebrate his sophomore album ‘Pulpit Kwa Streets’, Juliani plans to close off City Hall Way on August 21, to get his message out there.


Another hit from the album, Exponential Potential, further drives Juliani’s ambition to appeal to the conscience of the Kenyan populace, so that they act right and live right.

Aside from his action-inspiring music, Juliani is definitely a budding Kenyan icon, recognized also for his lyrical prowess and mega-energetic stage presence.

Pulpit Kwa Streets is Juliani’s noble attempt to encourage Kenyans to appreciate their current state in life whether good or bad, knowing that God is always in control.

In a previous interview with Capital Lifestyle, he said the demographic he’s trying to reach are mainly those between 20-35 years.

It took one year to put Pulpit Kwa Streets together and Juliani is excited about taking his message to the masses.

“Niache stain si mark (I want to leave a stain, not a mark),” he says.

The artist has also planned a series of music summits dubbed ‘Kama Si Sisi’ around the country – with a summit in Kisumu on August 13, and one in Nairobi on August 27.

Kama Si Sisi is an attitude change campaign that also includes ‘musically charged university tours’.

According to a statement from Juliani’s PR team, the university tours will kick off again in September.

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