Weekend look for men: 9 tips

June 7, 2011 – We’ve often read about what women should wear, how they should accessorize and what should be packed in their carry-on for the perfect weekend look.

But, what about the men?  

The Kenyan sun is heating up but it’s still quite cool and gloomy outside.  Searing temperatures during the day and cool chilly nights mean packing for all weather occasions, which may result into a very heavy weekend carry-on.  So, how can you keep things light?  The key is to pack layers that you can add on or take off, which serves as both style-boosters and practical neccessities. 

Here are some must-share tips and ideas for the modern man mulling over what to pack in their carry-on for their upcoming weekend trip.



A small canvas daypack to put your camera, a sweater for the chilly nights and water.


A lightweight slim-fitting blazer for those chic evening events.


A cotton army-inspired daytime jacket for the day’s activities.


A neutral cashmere neck sweater that will keep you warm.


A neutral cotton polo shirt.


A pair of cotton straight leg trousers.


A durable and classic leather belt that will pull an outfit together and hold up your pants.


Cute and funky socks for both comfort and as a fashion statement.


A pair of canvas mid sneakers to pull the entire outfit together!


You’ll definitely be the smoothest operator with this look!


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  1. sheshi November 8th, 2011 at 9:46 am

    so what are we going to do to ensure ICT is incorporated into the education system??


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