BBA contestant’s movie now on DVD


June 7, 2011 – Local comedy Me, My Wife and Her Guru, starring one of Kenya’s contestants in African reality show Big Brother Amplified, has been released on DVD.

It is the latest release by the actress, Millicent Mugadi Wambui, who is in the BBA Heads House, she plays alongside Ian Mbugua (Phoenix players), Alex Konstantaras (Jitu) and Lizz Njagah (Tinsel).


Millicent’s part portrays a woman trying to keep her husband (Ian) away from his client (Lizz), whom he has spellbound to himself in order to have his way with her.

 “It’s retailing at the supermarkets at Sh199 in Nairobi and Mombasa,” Jitu Films said in a statement, adding that the DVD is a limited edition.

Scripted by Lizz Njagah, Serah Mwihaki and Alex Konstantaras, Jitu has described the film as a fictional piece that gives a critical view of Kenyan society.

It promises extra, exciting menus with some behind the scenes action.

Me, My Wife and Her Guru premiered at the end of March, 2011, at a well attended function at Capri 7. 

Despite several movies being churned out by Kenya’s film industry, fondly known as Riverwood, only a few make it to the shelves due to what producers say obscene costs.


Renowned Producer/Writer Judy Kibinge told Capital Lifestyle in a recent interview that for production houses to regain money used and make a profit, movies would have to be sold at more than Sh1,000. Kenyans however would rather buy the dvds off the streets at a much cheaper price than buy the original copies.

Jitu Films director Konstantaras said that their company has worked hard to try and make DVDs as cheap as possible, but that is still a work in progress.

This is Jitu Films’ 9th title and 4th independent production, since it began operations.

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