Lavish wedding for John Allan Namu

September 17, 2010 – Sorry ladies, it’s now official; TV Presenter John Allan Namu has indeed tied the knot.

NAMU_AND_WIFE_255490654.jpgIn a wedding described by his colleague from across the road, Cynthia Nyamai as “the hottest wedding of the year”, Namu married his long time love Sheena Makena.

There was massive attendance at the wedding in Limuru this afternoon, which went smoothly despite the groom being a bundle of nerves the night before.

The ceremony began just after lunch time and after a long winded church ceremony, ended at about 4pm.

The theme was baby pink and green, and before you crinkle your noses, we are informed that the tones of the colours were perfectly matched.

The award winning journalist and his lovely bride were BOTH visibly emotional during the ceremony, which was also well attended by rugby greats, including Alan Hicks.

Kiddum performed at Namu’s wedding reception at the Limuru Country Club.

The venue of the honeymoon is still unknown.

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