Tusker Project Fame 3 contestants unveiled


Karolyne_Nabulime__UG_325509072.jpg Leah_Atute__UG_978230802.jpg 

Twelve contestants drawn from the four East African countries have been selected to join the Tusker Project Fame 3 reality show contest.

The contestants who were unveiled last night at a star studded glitzy event are now set to compete in the ten-week reality show which will see the winner walk away with a Kshs 5million cash prize, sponsored by Tusker, as well as a year’s recording contract with South Africa’s Gallo Records.

Maureen_Kabasiita__UG_226181888.jpg Illuminata_Rwelamira__TZ_493169872.jpg

The contestants have been enrolled at the Tusker Project Fame Academy where they will be exposed to the best in music vocal, song-writing and performance coaching to fully nurture their talent.

 Patricia_Wangechi_Kihoro__KE_254436056.jpg  Christian_Rwirangira__RW_576376944.jpg

The twelve contestants joining the Tusker Project Fame 3 House are, on the Ugandan front: Karolyne Nabulime, Leah Atute, and Maureen Kabasiita; and on the Kenyan front: Patricia Wangechi Kihoro, Debarl Clement Ainea, and Benard Ng’ang’a Maranga. Caroline Uliwa, Kelvin Stephen and Illuminata Rwelamira will represent Tanzania, while Nina Bola, Christian Robert Rwirangira and Alpha Rwirangira, will represent Rwanda. 

 Kelvin_Stephen__TZ_239709493.jpg Nina_Bola__RW_537440369.jpg 

Tusker Project Fame 3 fans across the region will be able to participate in choosing East Africa’s next music star through SMS voting, set to commence in a fortnight.


Through weekly evictions, the 12 contestants will be whittled down to one talented winner who will be crowned the Tusker Project Fame 3 winner in October.

Caroline_Uliwa__TZ_846058178.jpg  Alpha_Rwirangira__RW_879945690.jpg

Unlike common talent competitions, Tusker Project Fame allows viewers in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, a unique opportunity to follow, day by day, the behind the scenes progress of the chosen contestants as they are groomed for success.

This year, the reality show scope has been expanded to cover Rwanda, and will for the first time in its history afford all the top three finalists recording deals. Contestants will also benefit from Medical Cover, from Resolution Health, amongst multiplebenefits.






  • Gilbert

    Its really a good job keep it up I really like the staff of singing of singing and dancing

  • purity lilian

    Illuminator ,
    i like ur character,ur a beutiful woman and i liked how u expresed ur love 2 christian follow ur heart supu ,kenyans luv u by tha way u have a great beutiful voice.

  • patrick kahura muruga

    hi karolyne nabulime ug
    i wish i could see you, umenijazz. you have nice voice, figure 8 , cute and more to that you are admirable to many especially me.karo i love you more than you can imagine. i hope you will be number 1 in this fame. thanks
    god bless you

  • brenda ombasa


  • derrick

    Illuminata i really love you.i know that it is very hard to get but i will always love .I am still in school and i hope i am soon going to be over with so t hat i may have a chance to speak with you and be 2gether with you .I love you and i will always love you.You really are good at singing and i wish you all the best.

  • essy

    ng'ang'a i like ur presentation, may u gt to be the winner. u ar soo fine how can i gt to touch ur side bads.anyway i hv follen in luv wth u.look for me am soo sick

  • Qoi

    Ngash we r voting bro kip the heart

  • oscar munyendo

    ng'ang'a i think you are over doing your clamsiness.dont think you will garner any votes by being by acting sheepishly.you ain't anywhere close to an actor we want you to sing please.this will be your last sunday hope so

  • mildredkerubo

    hi all
    wish to encourage you all that God has a purpose for you being in the academy so no one should discourage you that you are heading no where keep on and you will see something good coming on your ways

  • Paula

    all the male contestant in the academy r sooooooooo cute n handsome bt debarl u stand out.i really like you.


    hi Illuminata? i have never seen such a beauty like yours in my life.I am on special prayers that you may win this competition and make me proud. I really hope to keep in touch with you and perharps meet in future for a chat. Believe me or not, i LOVE YOU WITH THE WHOLE OF MY LIFE.

  • tricia eve

    ngash i know u can do it just work hard and prayers don let the haters put u down…

  • findy

    atleast we have another Hemedi in the house –
    Nga'ngalito. it fun fun and we are enjoying.
    anywei guyz i wish all succez!

  • Igor Mujahideen

    Caroline,Patricia n Debarl in tht rankn order!

    by the way wat makes ngangalito think he is funny? village clown!

  • lewis njau

    ngangalitu never fear 2 be on probation coz i will be there to vote 4 u.u are my role model

  • beth

    Hi debarl,ur so cute dear. I really like the way u do perform n men ur talented.God as given the talent n he is taking u far.My prayer 2 u is tht you wanna b the winner.u av all it takes n God created u a unique guy n lovely

  • euphemia nyaboke

    hi nina i like your name and your personality, may you be the finally winner of tusker proct fame.

  • Yoyo

    Dabarl is a mature guy and talks with intelligence. He will go far. Keep up the spirit and for Ng'ang'a, he should stop being too ………….

  • Esther muthoni

    Patricia n Debarl u guys rock wish u all the best

  • phillis

    Nganga childish but Alpha is the best keep it up

  • Benja Atemi

    Bravo all for making it to Final.
    karolyne Nabulime u r extraordinary i love your passion i trust u r ''teachable'' take everything serious, East Africa is watching keep ur priorities right.dont allow judges to capitalise on 1 mistake u may make.

  • joska

    hi ng'ang'arito u r sooooooooo handsome, i like ur voice to me you ave talent . kip it up man.EN DONT FORGET I LUV U SO MUSH HA HA

  • millicent kiyondi

    all contestants just stop thinking of limitations but start thinking in terms of possibility as practice makes perfect and perfect itself makes perfect

  • gerald mugo

    HI patricia you look like a movie star on stage.i **** help backing you up.GET THAT LARGESOME MISS.I LYK U

  • silvester

    nina you look good in everything girl

  • beaty

    Hi, Patty, Debarl and Ng'ang'alito,
    the keep you are to earn in the academy depends on your hard toil. Hey Guys make us proud and work together as a team. our prayers n we all along. go! go! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We love you.
    Na mimi ni member!!!!.

  • festus

    Hey girls do ur thing dont let them guy to win you

  • millicent

    hi hope u will it both of u if u stop thinking of limitations but as u start thinking in terms of possibility all will come to be perfect as practice makes perfect.

  • lavender mghendi

    hay to u all contestants.u r very amazing.todays show waz challenging but the judging wz not gud at all especialy from ian.he thinks that if all others give positive comments he should be the one to be opposite.u knw wat ian?u r boring….and to be honest elluminata sung very well tonight and should not have been on probation.ng'ang'a should have been on probation.he did nothing at all.he should infact go home.

  • Jamilah

    Hi Caroline Nabulime, you rock gal. Keep it up you are so entertaining and got a great voice. You are one reason that keeps me glued to the TV. Wish you the very best of luck i know you will make it.


    Illuminata i liked u de fst dey i saw u. I like everything in u.

  • Eva

    Dbarl, so mature. I love it and that will keep u in the hse longer. Your voice-unbeatable. u r already a winner. We just keep praying 4 u to be the best.

  • katelyn

    Christian your jst da most cutest dude av ever seen i especially like your husky voice its so romantic i hope u win the competition coz u truly deserve it am soo voting for you.

  • triza

    hi illuminata en christian,
    i lyk u guys and i love Ur singing especially u christian the last song u sang Aisha u rocked live Ian alone and his comments.
    En u illuminata u were born to shine keep tha fire burning.

  • ess

    I love Alpha he rocks me,Hope u win-

  • Beverlyne Atieno

    Caroline i like your personality i really like your stage presence please do all your best coz you are de bomb lots of love

  • kevin

    illuminata u rok gal i love ur all swry u gona do it u know an dis that chris 4 me!

  • Bizima Egide

    Hello Robert, I'm glad you're still sailing-up the tide with Illuminata alongside with U. Man I really like you habit. I was so impressed you won't to hear that you won't leave her behind after, you have a wonderful couple. May God be with and help achieve you goals.

  • david hajes

    hi Illuminata,wow! such a gifted voice,& you really are beautiful.My prayers are with you till you finally win,all the best

  • valentine

    hi Debarl,you know you are a good singer.Whatever song you sing always stands out.you jazz me and i like your voice.Al the best in the academy.

  • Tumaini

    Illuminana….. You make TZ Proooud

    … and Chris, I am wwatching you. Don't you dare dissappoint my sisiter ooooH!

  • ahono kaitano

    Nganga wacha muzaa wacha ukacatoon u can make it

  • tuyishimire yvonne

    Christian and Alpha,well done for representing Rwanda,hey Christian,after you are out can i be your paper pal?!

  • apio carol

    i thank u 4 the work u are all doing and i know that its great and i admit that its nice loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
    iwould like to vote 4 caroline from uganda plizz accept it.

  • Frank Julius

    Hii Iluminata,big up za kutosha.Uko juu ka Obama.Hoping utawin tuna vote so dt u may win .All the best

  • kasadha saadi

    illuminata,you are so beautiful and ilove u.you can make it to the top and iknow you can sing.

  • david hajes

    hi Illuminata,I must admit that you really have a gifted voice.I pray that God help you reach the top,kuddos!

  • irene murage

    Illuminata, you are wonderful.I wish you all the best.Just continue with the same same motive. am sure you will win.


  • phylis

    Debarl hey hey sweet guy you are so hot go for it my man.

  • Robina Opinde

    Hi yoll i really like all of you continue doing what your doing and Deball i love

  • Alex Joshua

    'Leah' am with you all the way you can do it i believe. I love the way you Perform you r just great.

  • eric

    Ng'ang'a you r doing fine, you are up 2 game kip up

  • judy mu

    I love that Leah, keep it cool,

  • juddie

    deb earl rocks is very mature and focused
    maze i always pray for u to be the winner work very hard and u,ll make it mwaaaaah deb earl

  • karen

    @debarl i lke ua presentation alwys rememba stability in the storm comes not from seeking a new message bt understding an old one.The most reliable anchor points are not recent discoveries,bt time tested truths that have held their ground against the wind of change.Truth like my life is not futile,my failures are not fatal. my death is not final.

  • crazynicole

    keep the fire burning Debarl!
    don't give up.

  • henry munene

    Debarl and Patricia its your chance to win this tpf 3. You have show your potential all the way since when you were put in the academy we are praying for very hard and we will vote for you guys. Work hard and dont be discouraged by judge Ian

  • Alex Rugema

    I am really grateful. I believe that Alpha will archieve more than this. he is not only talented, but also has God's love. I know that Alpha will touch hearts of many individuals on this earth.

  • Carine

    Slt Brother,
    je te souhaite bonne chance et courage,
    il faut ke tu soit optimiste et surtout ne perd pas espoir tu sais bien que Dieu est pr la justice.
    We pray 4 u et nous sommes trés fier de toi. Best wishes.


    Debarl, you were my IDOL in the house, i saw you make it to the end until it all happened……. You had the Potential dude!!!!

  • Mike

    Alpha wow i liked ur performance yesterday. Keep it up

  • faith

    i think it was quite Debarl from the show.He was such a great talent to evict from the first probation.I just hope you could do something to bring him back even if it will be unfair.please consider my request.

  • kato jr

    Hi Leah,go for it as it naturally belongs to you.All know that

  • brendah

    Alpha u r a great star keep on coz u can do wonders.All the best

  • stano

    hey guyz.dont u think Alpha is just d one?wake up boy,take the crown and walk back to Rwanda.u deserve it.kwa wengine,jaribuni tena kwingine.

  • Clarita J

    TPF is getting better. This is my first year to vote and I love it coz there is some rich talent in that house. My fav is Alpha whose talent, charisma and desire for positive change in his songs is exactly the fresh stars some of us have been dying to hear on radio and tv. He is a force to reckon with and I wish him all the best. Eventhough Christian is out, i hope he continues to get voice lessons to perfect that unique and sexy voice of his! I would love to hear him more in future.Clarita, Kenya.

  • rim

    patricia please leave the house you r a disgrace to kenyans by your pretence n attitude





  • Damaris Nyambura

    Maureen,Maureen,Maureen you got taleny and you rock my world.You are the best.Pliz dont let us down,Dama,Kenya

  • ssempala Robert

    I think the judges made a mistake of not putting Nganga on probation yet they new that he wasnt performing well, koz see he is going win and is going to ashame EA yet the good guys were there like Debarl, Leah even Nina wasnt bad.

  • Henry Munene

    We are voting for you Nganga so much so that you can pocket five million shillings. We wount vote for Patricia coz she betrayed Debarl when she realised he had potential to be a winner but decided to vote for Nganga so that he will be elliminated during last week.

  • Rhobina ssansa

    Alpha your such a hunk en i wish you all the best. bye bye

  • conny

    I love you Alpha so much and i know God will Pick as the best and come out the winner of project fame 3 I assure you

  • Emy

    Hi Alpha,wish u all the best and hope u win.

  • william okoth Ong'aro

    I have been keenly following TPF3 and wish to draw to the attention of the sponsors that the whole thing will be a sham if Ng'anga aka Kenyalitto will be declared the winner.
    There seems to be some favours on Kenyan participants especially NGANGA. I wonder what changed Judge Ian Mbugua overnight to refer no NGANGA as "YOU CAN GO FAR"!!!! I read some tribalism here now that they are just a few days away from Sh5m.

  • Sameer Bhattacharya

    Patricia. Wow! You're a beauty with brains girl.
    I really love your voice and you're definately superstar material.
    Keep going with the same faith and spirit and I am sure you're going to give all the East African artists a good run for their money. And next the whole world.
    Keep it up.
    Your Fan for life.
    Sameer Bhattacharya.

  • asley ayiela anyasi

    i wish it was left for the people to decide who leaves the house from the word go not the contestants…………..it's rather obvious good talent like one dabarl clement was evicted by his competitors because he was a threat

  • mayanja francis

    Its amaizing that we have of the discovered talents,"big up to tusker" Karolryne you make ugandans to feel big, you to be the winner.

  • veronica

    nganga litto u rocklitto my mommylitto.
    She iz even a fan of tpf coz of u we are all voting for uuuuuu

  • Nancy

    To all the contestants i just want to wish you well for tomorrow show and may the Almighty God grant you good voices to sail through



  • sally

    Hi Alpha i know u got wat it takes 2 be at de top i like ur voice and ur love for inspiration lyrics. I luv u and i believe in God almighty dat u wil win on sunday, u r hot man…!

  • Rhoda wa

    i luv u tricia so much iknow u will win my dear kip hat n ur blazin hot

  • lucy

    how can i get Ngangalito's contacts. we need him to come and perform in rock city gardens, Kiambu Road.


    Hi Alpha, i thank God because he has given you the strength and energy to perfom. You are really a nice guy and you really deserved to win. my prayers did not go in vain.You are the best and am your number one fan. Congratulations on winning dear. All the best in life and God bless you abundantly. cheers dear.

  • Nanje edwards

    this is the best tusker project fame we have ever seen unlike the TPF 1 & 2. the culmination of it was crowned by Couch kabutha, Judge Ian and Mervellous, Incredible, Cool & Hunk (Dr. MICH) the guys had talent but i pity Debarl who was voted out and was talented like a one Linda Muthana whom i fail to understand whether she had grudges with Angela Angwenyi or it was jelousy. Go Go Debarl, you hav e the talent.

  • rew

    guyzs in this forum need devine intervention how can u fall in love with someone u only c on tely,u havent met her, live alone knowin her and besides it aint a secreat that illuminata has fallen badly 4 smone but then again i dont blame you she's hot and to my opinion she has very sexy legs and thighs so go ahead christian the trough is all uaz drink as much as u can u don know when the guest will be knockin as u can c above many dreamers we have if i may analyze on ya bhalf.

  • Debbie Shish

    Ng'ang'alito l knew you wil b somewhere next to 5 million.Endelea music has a portion for you bro.

  • David

    Alpha deserved it, he was way better a musician than any of the contestants and the fact that he is just cool makes him even a better winner. I hope this time they move this talent to the other level.

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