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Property Insights: Getting Your House Newborn Ready

Congratulations!!You have a baby on the way! You’ve probably already thought about the big stuff like loads of diapers, strollers and car seats. But there is a host of other things that you can do to get your house ready before you bring baby home from the hospital. Read on for a few tips and advice to point you in the right direction.


Wash your baby’s clothes and bedding.
Your new born’s skin is very delicate so it is important to take every good care and wash their clothes with non-abrasive and harsh detergent. Use softer soaps to reduce the chances of irritation.. Also, if baby will have a separate nursery, also ensure that is cleaned out and ready for use.

Smooth the edges
Let’s say you have a lovely sophisticated house with amazing glass and metal pieces, you might want to put those away until baby is old enough. If you cannot bear to part with it, put it far out of reach or wrap it up so that your baby does not hurt themselves.

Lock it down

Consider baby proofing. Secure any furniture that the baby may trip over and hurt themselves. Cover up all sockets, get safety latches for cabinets. Also make sure that you do not have any cords dangling from either windows or appliances. Better safe than sorry.

Get help

You might benefit from having a nanny around the house or a live-in relative who will help you with this transition for the first few months. Good help will also allow you to take a much needed rest every once in a while.

Quiet time
It is important to find a quiet spot in the house where you can sit and rock your baby. Find a comfy seat to put in a nice quiet corner where you can bond with your infant.

Your new skill set
While no mum-to be can ever feel 100 per cent ready and prepared for their new born, there are something you can do to instill confidence in yourself. Talk to a friend or relatives who have gone through this before, try reading a book or two.

Being a mum is about instinct, you will find your rhythm in no time at all.

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