TED Radio Hour: Predicting The Future

September 11, 2015

, TED-TALKS-predicting_the_future

Visions of the future don’t just have to come from science fiction. There’s very real technology today giving us clues about how our future lives might be transformed.

So what might our future look like? And what does it take for an idea about the future to become a reality? In this hour, TED speakers make some bold predictions and explain how our future lives might look.

1. Predicting the Future – Negroponte

2. Nina Tandon: How Personalized Will Medicine Get?

3. Richard Resnick: Will Sequencing Your Genes Change The Way You Live — And Die?

4. Marc Goodman: What Does The Future Of Crime Look Like?

5. Todd Humphreys: Will GPS Change Our Standards for Privacy?

6. Sebastian Thrun: When Will Driverless Cars Be A Part Of Our Everyday Lives?

7. Nicholas Negroponte: How Do You Predict The Future?

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