KCAU’s Prof. Midamba on seizing opportunities #AskKirubi

September 11, 2014

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It has been one year since I began the programme #AskKirubi. It all began with a passion to mentor the youth not only of Kenya but of Africa. Through the year I have interacted with many young people in schools, entrepreneurship forums and I have even travelled to various countries to speak to them.

It is indeed an honor and I am grateful for the opportunity, however, I have come to realize that I cannot do this alone. It’s time for those I mentored to rise to the role of being mentors themselves and for my fellow business leaders to become mentors. Let me assure you that this is the most satisfying and noble gift you can give to society. If at all you desire to see change in your organization and in the country then it’s about time we helped each other and played a significant role in fostering change.

From now on #AskKirubi will be partnering with key businessmen, business leaders and organizations that are centered towards promoting leadership and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about seizing the opportunity and I will be sharing success stories of entrepreneurs you can learn from and institutions you can attend to enhance this desire. I am taking time to interview key personalities and gather information that will be of benefit to budding entrepreneurs because I look forward to a time when this country will be run by small businesses

This week I sat down with a very well educated and intelligent man, Prof. Noah A. Midamba the Vice Chancellor of KCA. Just like me, many of you probably think that KCA University is more of an institution of accounting and other financial courses. However, after meeting this man, I had a clear understanding of how this University is developing one of the best Centres for Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Kenya.

Prof. Noah as I refer to him, was presented with an opportunity many years ago to change his life and become a shareholder in Microsoft. Unfortunately, like many of us, he thought Bill Gates (a ‘nobody’ then) was a con man who came to talk to their class and solicit for money saying he would establish a company that would compete with IBM. At that time it was definitely an ‘illusion’ but those who took the risk and invested in it eventually became very successful. Although he somewhat regrets his actions, this man came back to Kenya to give opportunity to those who lack it and assist those who are too blind to see.

Friends, as an entrepreneur and business man you have to take calculated risks and more importantly, seize the opportunities. You have nothing to lose but your conscience. Make it work! Set your goal or idea to solve a particular problem and eventually people will make you rich. If at all you have the passion for it then your passion will drive you to succeed regardless of your limitations (mostly financial).

That said, I leave you to hear from the Vice Chancellor of KCA as he shares his vision to transform this University to become the Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Africa.

#AskKirubi; because I mind your business

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Chris Kirubi with Prof Midamba, VC KCA University

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