Super, diesel prices down but kerosene up

December 14, 2012


The price of super petrol dropped by Sh1.07 to Sh112.61 for a litre in Nairobi/XINHUA-File
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 14 – Motorists will get some reprieve at the fuel pump over the next month after the price of super petrol dropped by Sh1.07 to Sh112.61 for a litre in Nairobi.

Following the latest fuel price review by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) diesel is also down by a marginal six cents to Sh105.79 a litre, but kerosene edged up Sh1.57 to Sh86.44 per litre.

The regulator said the average landed cost of imported super petrol decreased by 3.80 percent, with diesel edging down slightly by one percent and kerosene down by 2.29 percent over the last month.

The new prices will take effect at midnight December 15, 2012 until the January 14, 2013.

In its last review, ERC said it “observed an inconsistent trend in the price of refined petroleum products in the international market over the last one month, making it difficult to predict the effect on pump prices in subsequent price reviews.”

Elsewhere in the country, Mombasa has the cheapest pump prices with a litre of super petrol to retail at Sh109.35, diesel at Sh102.56 and kerosene selling at Sh83.65.

On the other hand, Mandera residents will buy the commodity at the highest prices with a litre of super petrol going for Sh125.13 a litre, diesel at Sh118.31 and kerosene at Sh98.96.

Nakuru residents will buy a litre of super of petrol at Sh113.20 a litre, diesel at Sh106.60 and kerosene at Sh87.20.

In Kisumu, super petrol will retail at Sh114.37 a litre, diesel at Sh107.77 and kerosene at Sh88.22.

Eldoret residents will part with slightly less than their Kisumu counterparts for a litre of super petrol retailing at Sh114.31, diesel at Sh107.71 and kerosene at Sh88.23.

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