KPC upgrades its pump system

February 20, 2008

, NAIROBI, April 3 – The Kenya Pipeline Company is upgrading four of its pump stations at a cost of Sh94 million in a bid to improve efficiency.

The company’s Managing Director George Okungu said the new system would assist the swift handling of any emergencies that arose from the pumps.

“It was necessary that we refurbish the old systems that control the pumps because they were developing weaknesses in terms of accurate data, in terms of communication problems and in terms of efficiency,” said Okungu.

He revealed that the project would involve replacing the old electrical system to regulate, control, and protect the pump with a new one.

Socabelec East Africa Managing Director Lauvaux Olivier, whose firm was contracted to put up the pumps, said the new facility could last the company 10 years trouble free.

Olivier said the system controls the temperature and pressure of oil in the pipeline, and all the parameters of the pump itself.

He said 80 percent of the project was already complete and a further 20 percent would be completed in a month’s time.

“To be more specific, pump station 3 has been tested and commissioned with pump station 5 and 7 to follow in due course,” he added.

Olivier said KPC would have complete autonomy on the system, with the opportunity to expand or even transform it without external support.

Implementation of the project began in October last year.

Meanwhile, Okungu said the Kenya–Uganda Pipeline handover of the sites have been assigned to Turmoil East Africa.

He said the final framework for implementation is already.

Okungu said the mapping, survey and identification of the way has been done.

“There is money within the contract to pay compensation to the owners of the land,” he added.

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