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Moral Police: Let’s protect our children from bad content

NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 24 – The Kenya Film Classification Board has appealed to media and entertainment stakeholders to ensure that children are protected from inappropriate content in their programs.

Speaking during the unveiling of a clean content ambassador, the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua emphasised the need to protect children against obscene content.

“We want music that I can listen with my family at home, I can listen in the office and with mixed company without feeling ashamed,” said Mutua who has earned the moniker moral police, “this is the kind of content we are promoting.”

He further put Deejays playing banned music during political rallies on notice saying that tough action will be taken against them.

“Why don’t you play nice inspiring and religious songs, it is embarrassing for such important meetings, If we are serious about our society and safeguarding our children, we must abide by the rule of law ,” he said.

KFCB embarked on the process of identifying role models in 2017 following the damning results of a survey commissioned by the Board on the effects of lewd, vulgar, violent and obscene content on children, the youth and communities in general.

Mutua then unveiled a new National Clean Content Ambassador Betty Adera who is expected to be part of the Board’s wider strategy to support the youth, particularly those in the creative sector to embrace moral values as an integral part of business development and success in life.

Deputy director in Youth Programs Walter Mong’are commonly known as Nyambane, who present at the ceremony, pointed out the need to uphold morality in the society.
“It takes collective responsibility to shape the country morally,” he said.


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