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Parking fees reduced to Sh200 from Sh300 in Nairobi

Parking fees used to be Sh140 before it was increased to Sh300 in 2013 by then Governor Evans Kidero/FILE

NAIROBI,Kenya,Dec 5-Private car owners in Nairobi County will now pay Sh200 parking fees from the current Sh300 as stipulated in the County Finance Bill passed by Nairobi County Assembly on Tuesday.

The members said this move is aimed at relieving the residents who are already burdened by the fuel levy.

The County’s Budget Chairman Robert Mbatia said this will also enhance compliance and increase revenue collection since it’s affordable to all.

“We believe this will reduce corruption in the sector because people preferred bribing between Sh100 or Sh150 instead of paying the required fee but now when you consider you are only paying Sh200 and if you don’t pay you risk being clamped, you just opt to pay the fee,” said Mbatia.

Parking fees used to be Sh140 before it was increased to Sh300 in 2013 by then Governor Evans Kidero.

The members noted despite that increase,collection from the parking department did not rise as expected.

“This means that the collection increased but went into individuals pockets,so as we reduce the parking fees there is need to reduce theft in that department,” said Anthony Kiragu Waithaka MCA.

The members urged the County Government to seal all loopholes for stealing parking fees so as to ensure optimum collection is attained.

Parking department is one of the major streams for revenue collection in the Nairobi City County.

The members also amended to have hourly charges abolished and have the period to be per day.

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There has been overall reduction of in parking and dropping per day fees also for Pickup,Canter,Lorry and Trailer.

Pick ups will pay Sh200 per day for picking and offloading while will Canter will be charged Sh300 from the proposed Sh2000.

Lorry Sh500 per day from the proposed Sh4000 while a Trailer will be charged Sh1000 from the proposed Sh6000.

Motorbike charges have also been amended from the proposed Sh1000 per month to Sh500.

Tuk-tuk operators will now pay Sh1000 as opposed to the earlier proposal of Sh1500.

Small informal sector trader/service provider e.g shoe shiner, shoe repair, street vendor (newspapers,soda,sweet,cigarette etc) will only have to pay Sh 2,500 per year.

Those using City Park for religious purposes will not have to pay anything.


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