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Women gang terrorizing bereaved families in Kiambu

According to detectives, the case is not unique since several others have been reported in Juja and Ruiru areas/file

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 25- A gang of women continues to cause an insurmountable amount of pain to families within Kiambu County as they hit where it pains most.

Without an iota of shame, the gang has been using all means to make a killing from the vulnerability.

If they won’t masquerade as friends to their victims, they come as friends of the family.

The recent case happened in Murera, Juja constituency.

“She walked in and introduced herself to everyone. She claimed to have worked with my mother at some point but later quit to pursue personal business,” Marilyne Wachera, mother to the latest victim told Capital FM News.

The lady, dressed in a long dress, don in sunglasses and a headscarf, then asked for the whereabouts of the deceased daughter.

“When she (the con-woman) saw me, she came and instead of shaking hands we had an awkward prolonged hug,” Wachera recalls.

“Thereafter, after her faking to be mourning with us, she kept on asking me whether there is something we need like foodstuff and so on, but I said we are okay.”

After a while, the woman captured in CCTV footage, requested they walk outside the company “for a private chat.”

“She started asking me personal information which I did not give…but how I gave her my full names and Identity Card number, I cannot tell,” Wachera said.

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The con woman then asked the victim to accompany her to Ruiru town, “so that I can buy a few foodstuffs and also withdraw some cash.”

“She insisted that my friend Ann carries my phone so that she is certain that I am the one who receives the cash, she intended to send,” Wachera narrated.

Inside the supermarket, the con woman, now in the company of the victim’s friend would pick stuff worth thousands of shillings but failed to pay for them.

She unveiled her ‘killer’ move at the counter.

The woman stepped out to ‘withdraw’ cash, to make the payment but also went with Wachera’s phone.

That was the last time the thug would be seen.

“How I gave her my pin number and at what time, I don’t recall,” Wachera said.

She withdrew Sh43, 000 from her M-Pesa account, sent Sh5,000 to an accomplice and made away with her Sh24,000 worth phone.

Her friend was left stranded at the supermarket.

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According to detectives, the case is not unique since several others have been reported in Juja and Ruiru areas.

“They use drugs on their targets. A handshake is enough,” a detective privy to the incidents told Capital FM News.

Juja Police boss Simon Thirikwa says he is aware of the Murera incident and they are already trailing the gang.

“We will soon get them,” he said, without divulging further details.

The gang operates with notoriety is said to narrow down on targets through reading newspaper obituaries and listening to obituaries on the radio.

“It is their work. They take notes and then scheme on how to execute their evil plans,” another detective said.

Like in the case of Murera, the woman who obviously did not know the whereabouts of her alleged former colleague used a motorbike.

“She came asking for Mama Wachera’s place. Luckily, we all know her,” a boda-boda operator who saw the con woman told Capital FM News.

In a case of outright impunity, she did not pay for her transport fee and instead referred the boda-boda operator to the mourning family.

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Until they are brought to book, the gang will continue causing pain and anguish, to already wounded families.


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