Jubilee more united than ever, asserts DP Ruto

April 29, 2018 10:27 am
The DP has remained unwavering on the need to focus on development instead of calling for constitutional changes, saying Kenyans want services/DPPS

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 29- Deputy President William Ruto says the Jubilee Government remains united despite the recent political developments in the country.

“We have no camps in Jubilee. We remain one team under President Uhuru Kenyatta,” the DP said in Nakuru.

A few months after last year’s elections, a lot has changed, including President Uhuru Kenyatta mending ways with his rival Raila Odinga after a duel that threatened to tear the country apart.

That culminated to what has been termed as the golden handshake between the two leaders after a lengthy meeting that resulted in an agreement on pertinent issues that need to be addressed such as insecurity, electoral reforms, and equitable distribution of resources among others.

The meeting has rattled many leaders both from the Jubilee and National Super Alliance as recently said by President Kenyatta.

But DP Ruto has remained steadfast on the need to focus on development instead of calling for constitutional changes, saying Kenyans just want services.

“These people should now calm down. This country belongs to many people and not a few people lecturing us on what to change (in the constitution),” the DP said in a thinly veiled attack to those calling for a referendum.

As directed by President Kenyatta, he cautioned leaders affiliated to the government to desist engaging in political bickering.

“There is no more politics as directed by our President in Murang’a (during a public funeral service of the late political icon Kenneth Matiba)” he asserted.

But a section of Opposition leaders led by Suna East MP Junet Mohamed says there is a need for a referendum, to change clauses that don’t augur well with the country.

“Some people now want to disintegrate the handshake. This is not about politics of 2022,” MP Mohamed said.

Mohamed and a dozen ODM legislators say it is time for the 8-year-old constitution to be reviewed to ensure the interests of the country are well presented.

“We can talk and do development,” ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna said.

Sentiments shared by MP Anthony Olouch, who insists that “It is time to revisit the constitution so that we can know what it is that bedevilled us every electioneering period.”

On Thursday, President Kenyatta and Opposition leader Odinga defended their newfound relationship and dismissed claims by a section of politicians that it is about 2022 succession politics.

The two leaders were speaking at the requiem service of Kenneth Matiba in Murang’a where they urged leaders to stop politicizing the matter and instead focus on building peace and unity bridges in the country.

“We have just come from an electioneering period and everyone has a right to vie because that is the democracy we fought for, but after the election, we must look for a way to ensure everyone is accommodated. And I thank my brother (Odinga), as he has said, we reached out to each other and agreed Kenya is important than everyone and we cannot continue on disagreeing as our country suffer,” President Kenyatta said.

He said he was aware that some leaders from both political fronts were not happy about their reunion.

“There are many who were not happy with what we did. That is the truth because they thrive when there is commotion. But we agreed that we don’t want those people who thrive in commotion, we want those who will thrive in peace and prosperity,” he asserted.

Odinga on his part said Kenya is bigger than any leader while reminding politicians rattled by his association with President Kenyatta of the need to serve the people with honesty as opposed to politicizing every matter.

During the devolution conference in Kakamega County, Odinga called for a three-tier system of government consisting of the National Government, fourteen regional blocks and the 47 county governments.

But Senator Moses Wetangula and NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi have dismissed the calls saying it will be costly.

They said zoning the country is not a solution but instead, devolution should be given a chance to work.


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