NASA mulls modalities of swearing-in absent Kalonzo as DP

December 9, 2017 2:59 pm
The former Vice President in this photo with Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr, has been tending to his sick wife in Germany/COURTESY

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 9 – The opposition NASA says it is working on modalities of swearing-in Kalonzo Musyoka who is not in Kenya on Tuesday next week.

Speaking during a press conference on Saturday, Chief Executive Officer of the People’s Assemblies organising Committee Jared Maaka Siso stated that one of the options they are considering is swearing in Kalonzo as deputy president outside the country.

He stated that the coalition is in consultation to see to it that the Wiper Party leader is sworn in.

“The Presidency is a joint venture. It is a joint ticket, that of the President and the Deputy President and as you know, as NASA, our President is in the country and is ready for the swearing-in but the DP is out for reasons you know so that is one of the concerns that we have had and in the process we are looking at whether we can swear him in where he is or at a later date or if he will jet into the country,” he said.

On Friday, the alliance insisted that their leader Raila Odinga will be sworn in on Tuesday.

According to Ong’wen, the People’s Assembly will be held at two levels – county level and national level with the constitutive assembly being held on December 12.

Among the milestones that have been achieved so far towards the People’s Assembly objectives according to NASA include consultations with key stakeholders, the successful drafting and sharing of the People’s Assembly motion with county assemblies, tabling and adoption of motions in the county assemblies.

So far, around 12 County Assemblies have passed the motion even as the Attorney General Githu Muigai said by passing the motion, the Assemblies have in effect handed the power awarded to them by the electorate back to the people.

“By establishing People’s Assemblies, the respective County Assemblies may be deemed to have rescinded their elected representative roles, as they have handed back to the people their sovereignty as initially delegated through Article 1(3). Members of the said County Assemblies may be construed to have vacated their seats, and the attendant consequences thereof.”

The mini-council of the People’s Assembly which was recently held at Maanzoni Lodge and the establishment of the organising Committee forms a crucial part of the roadmap according to NASA.

The coalition now moves to the second level of the milestones with the convention of the Constitutive People’s Assembly at the national level on Tuesday at an unspecified location.



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