Uhuru still bitter over 2013 media ‘mistreatment’

July 25, 2017 6:31 pm
President Kenyatta campaigned in Murang’a and Nyeri on Tuesday/PSCU

, NYERI, Kenya, Jul 25 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended his decision to skip Monday’s presidential debate where he was expected to have a face-off with National Super Alliance candidate Raila Odinga.

President Kenyatta who largely spoke in mother tongue during his Nyeri county campaign tour said the Jubilee development track record speaks for itself and there was therefore no need to spend time speaking about things that can clearly be seen by all voters.

He further said that he could not have shared a platform with his opponent Odinga who he said lacks an agenda and vision for the nation.

“I said I will not waste my time debating with a person who does not know where he is heading,” he said.

The President accused Odinga of shifting goal posts when addressing members of public; citing Odinga’s remark during the debate when denied that he incited Kajiado County residents to evict non-locals.

But the President stated that there is a video recording to prove that Raila in deed made the inciting remarks while addressing area residents.

While addressing supporters in Othaya, Uhuru attacked media saying that they denied him support in 2013 general elections, adding that he will be okay even if they choose to do so this time round.

“In 2013, media houses failed to give me support. I don’t care whether they will do it this time because all what I know is that voters have the final say on who will become the President.”

Meanwhile, in all his addresses, the president urged voters to come in large numbers August 8 elections, in order to secure Jubilee government another five years.

He said that his government has done a lot to uplift the standards of living of all Kenyans by among others ways, connecting homesteads to electricity and providing free maternal care for expectant mothers.

He assured residents more will be done to change the lives of people once Jubilee government is re-elected.

He also called on voters to elect candidates holding Jubilee ticket, saying that this will enable him efficiently serve Kenyans once re-elected without difficulties of a disorganised house.

Uhuru made whistle-stops in Kiriti stadium, Mukurwe-ini, and then Kiandu in Tetu and later in Othaya town before proceeding to Kiria-ini in Murang’a County.



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