This is how Jubilee plans to fight graft if given a second chance at governance

June 26, 2017 10:23 pm
By digitising payment for all public services, the Jubilee government hopes to eliminate the avenues for bribery/PSCU

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 26 – If you whistle blow in the fight against corruption over the next five years, the Jubilee Government if re-elected has promised to recognise your efforts through an enhanced protection and reward framework.

It is a move, as detailed in the Jubilee Party re-election manifesto, that will encourage those wishing to “blow the whistle” on corruption.

A move that would have been informed by the current trend where whistleblowers are largely “crucified” while the corrupt are exonerated.

The manifesto which was launched at Kasarani Gymnasium by President Uhuru Kenyatta also says the Jubilee government will, “support and enhance investment in the capacity of the Judiciary to expedite the hearing and disposal of economic crime cases.”

If voted back into power in August, the Jubilee government says they will develop the Huduma network, expand the automation of public service delivery systems, digitise payments for all public services and enhance use of technology in law enforcement.

By digitising payment for all public services, the Jubilee government hopes to eliminate the avenues for bribery.

Other measures include the publishing, annually, of the details of all the procurement awards for major government projects.

They pledge to also review Kenya’s taxation, duty, and customs frameworks to ensure a predictable, fair and transparent formula based system.

To curb the menace that has led to the loss of massive public resources in the country, the Jubilee government will also roll out a service charter framework for the delivery of public services.

They will also implement mandatory and continuous values and ethics training for public service.

“Our Vision is a Kenya committed to a fair, just, secure and orderly management of public affairs in a society that upholds the rule of law. Every Kenyan must feel confident that the legal and justice systems will support and protect them equally before the law,” reads the manifesto.

“We will investigate, prosecute and punish perpetrators of corruption at all levels of society using the full force of the law.”

– Four years of achievement –

So far, the Jubilee Government says they have digitised most public services delivery systems to make them more efficient and accessible to the public.

They also constituted a multi-agency anti-corruption team, “resulting in an unprecedented number of cases now going before the courts.”

They have also, “invested in training and institutional reforms in the Judiciary to support the fight against corruption.”

In its four years, the Jubilee government has recovered over Sh3 billion of proceeds from economic crimes, the highest amount ever in the fight against corruption in Kenya, the Jubilee manifesto reads.

Another milestone includes legislation to address the legal loopholes that hamper the fight against graft.

President Kenyatta also enacted the National Legal Aid Act, 2016 to improve access to justice.


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