Chinedu flight flouted security, says Nigeria

June 22, 2013 12:42 pm
Anthony Chinedu was among three Nigerian nationals who were deported from Kenya. Photo/ FILE
Anthony Chinedu was among three Nigerian nationals who were deported from Kenya. Photo/ FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 22 – The federal government of Nigeria says that it grounded an aircraft and three Kenyan officials who accompanied deported businessman Anthony Chinedu because the flight flouted various security procedures.

The Nigerian government stated the aircraft flouted security procedures and had to be grounded. The aircraft was on a mission to deport three Nigerians suspected to be involved in drug trafficking.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Public Affairs Manager Yakubu Dati said that “the aircraft which landed at the MMIA (Murtala Muhammed International Airport) at about 6.36pm with 18 passengers, including three deportees from Kenya did not follow laid down procedures.”

The eleven Kenyans and the Swedish pilot were detained in Lagos after escorting Chinedu and two other alleged drug lords, back to Nigeria two weeks ago. Nigeria has also impounded the charter plane that took him there.

Dati added that officials of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and some security officials discovered some lapses during routine checks and that the DC-9 aircraft marked 5Y-SAS, belongs to Cavok Airlines.

The civil authority agency, however, explained that “the aircraft will be released immediately the security personnel complete their checks.”
Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Amina Mohammed had this week told a news conference in Nairobi that all the officials had approval to go to Nigeria, including clearance to land.

Mohammed has pleaded for patience and prayers as the government attempts to negotiate for the release of the eleven Kenyans held in Nigeria.

Chinedu boasted that the Kenyan official and flight crew will not be allowed to fly back home unless the Kenyan government compensates him for the loss of his assets in Kenya.


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