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Uhuru party takes on top US diplomat over poll

TNA-SAKAJANAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – The National Alliance Party (TNA) is now demanding an apology from US Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson over remarks he made contradicting an earlier position stated by President Barack Obama on the Kenyan election.

TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo claims Carson made the remarks after a secret meeting with a Kenyan diplomat who is allegedly allied to their rival Coalition for reform and Democracy (CORD).

“The ultimate authority of the United States rests with President Barrack Obama and so a junior official cannot purport to contradict the statement made by the president so he must withdraw for contradicting the head of state,” charged Oloo saying that the statement made by Carson implied that the US will not work with Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

The Secretary General told a press conference that they only support what President Obama said on Tuesday when he assured Kenyans that the US will support any presidential candidate elected by Kenyans.

“Kenyans must ignore Carson and take the statement earlier issued by President Obama as the official stand of the United States; that he wishes Kenya well and that he US will work with whoever is chosen to lead,” Oloo insisted.

On Thursday, Carson appeared to contradict the stand taken by Obama on Kenya’s March 4 polls, with a caution that the choice of president “would have global consequences.”

Speaking from Washington with reporters at the United States embassy in Nairobi, Carson warned that as much as the general election was a Kenyan affair, its outcome will have implications since a president “must work with the international community.”

“Individuals have reputations; individuals have images, histories and reputations. When they are selected to lead their countries those reputations do not go away from them, they are not separated,” Carson cautioned.

“We as the United States do not have a candidate or a choice in the elections; however, choices have consequences, we live in an interconnected world and people should be thoughtful about the impact their choices have on their nation, economy region and the world in which they live,” he advised.

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Head of the Civil Service Francis Kimemia earlier on Friday announced that Nairobi will seek a clarification from Washington on the contradictory remarks.

“We thought that what President Obama said was a balanced comment, other comments that have been made our ministry of foreign affairs will seek clarification on what they are all about,” Kimemia said.

On Tuesday, President Obama issued a statement from the White House saying the US was prepared to accept and respect whatever choice the Kenyan electorate make on March 4.

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