Mobile phone linked Kenyans to Uganda blasts

August 2, 2010 12:00 am

, KAMPALA, Aug 2 – The mobile phone found alongside an unexploded suicide vest led police to the three Kenyans charged with 76 counts of murder over last month\’s bombings in Kampala, Interpol said on Monday.

"We got them through that mobile phone and also some other investigations," Elly Womanya, deputy director of Uganda\’s Interpol office, told AFP.

Shortly after the July 11 attacks that killed 76 at two separate sites, police discovered an exploded suicide vest packed into a black laptop bag at a third site in a nightclub southwest of the city centre.

Also found in the bag was a mobile phone that police believed could have been used to set off the explosive device remotely.

Womanya only offered sparse details but confirmed reports circulated in the Ugandan media that both local and international police used the serial number on that phone to track down the Kenyan suspects.

On Friday, Hussein Hassan Agad, Mohamed Adan Abdow and Idris Magondu, all Kenyan nationals, were charged in a Kampala magistrates court with committing acts of terrorism and 76 counts of murder.

Womanya said the three men entered Uganda before the attacks to assist the eventual suicide bombers in planning the blasts.

But, he added, more individuals are likely to be charged.

"We are still investigating. We have other suspects," he said.

A spokesman for Uganda\’s public prosecutor said it could be six months before the three Kenyans are allowed to enter a plea and defend themselves in court.

"For capital offences, we can charge them in a magistrates court but we have six months before the case must be moved to the High Court," Jane Kajuga told AFP.

Local media reported that more suspects will be charged this week, but Kajuga said she had no information about additional suspects appearing in court.


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