Exiled Somali MPs appeal for help

July 16, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 16 – Thirty eight Somali Members of Parliament who have fled to Kenya have appealed to the international community to move fast and support efforts towards the restoration of order in the war torn country.

The MPs told journalists in Nairobi on Wednesday that the international community should urgently provide financial and political support to the Transitional Federal Government to enable it regain control of the country.

“Nobody can ignore or deny the intensification of the terrorist activities in Somalia which will spread throughout the region if serious measures are not taken by the governments in the region, African Union, and the international community,” former Prime Minister Mohammed Gedi said.

The leaders also condemned Al Shabaab and Hisbul Islam forces for the chaos in Somalia.

“The terrorists are not even Somali citizens; these are people who have no place in their respective countries. So they are trying to have a safe haven in Somalia in order to continue with their inhuman operations. They are coming from the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan,” said Mr Gedi.

MP Amood Ashara alleged that Eritrea was harboring soldiers fighting in Somalia.
“We helped Eritrea in their struggle against Ethiopia. We hope they will come to their senses and help Somalia,” he said.

The MPs also said that they would like to prosecute suspected militias in Somalia saying that they have a working judicial system.

“We are very sad to see suspected Somali pirates being tried in Kenya and Yemen. That is completely unacceptable. They have to be tried in Somalia where there are institutions and the people can see their loved ones,” said Mr Ashara.

Mr Amood also said that the Somali MPs were setting up strategies that would bring back Somalia on its feet and encourage foreigners to invest in Somalia.

He added that Somalia was rich in natural resources.

“Our people who are working in the diaspora annually remit more that one and a half billion dollars. People say that we get our money from sea pirates. There is no money in sea pirates, money in sea pirates is peanuts,” emphasised Mr Amood.


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